• Product: Tetra Sodium Pyropho-sphate(TSPP)
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  • Grade: Tech
  • Content: 96.5%
  • Properties: Powder
  • MOQ: 1FCL
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
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>>Tetra Sodium Pyropho-sphate(TSPP)

Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate(TSPP)
Byname: Tetra Sodium pyrophosphate
Molecular formula: Na4P2O7
Molecular Weight: 265.9
Standard executed: HG/T2968-1999(Technical Grade)
GB8848-88(Food Grade)
CAS Number: 7722-88-5

White powder; Soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol; Relative density 2.45g/cm3 and melting point 890; Deliquescent in the open air. Its aqueous solution shows weak alkalinity and is stable at 70 but will be hydrolyzed into di-sodium phosphate when boiled.

Applied in industries of detergents as detergent auxiliary, paper production to bleach and electroplating; In food industry it is used as buffering agent, emulsifier, nutrition ingredients and quality improver.

Packing and storage:

In 25Kg /50kgs net bags. It must be stored in places well ventilated and dry.

Guaranteed Technical Specifications:
Industrial Grade
Assay (as Na4P2O7 )% ≥
P2O5 % ≥ 51.5
Ortho Phosphates pass
PH Value 9.9-10.7
Water Insoluble matter % ≤

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