• Product: Calcium Nitrate
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  • Grade: Tech
  • Content: 99%
  • Properties: Powder
  • MOQ: 1FCL
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
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>>Calcium Nitrate

Molecular Formula: Ca(NO3)2.4H2O

Physicochemical Properties:
Anhydrous calcium nitrate is a kind of powder with light yellow color, easily soluble in water. It will burn and explode immediately once met with organic chemicals or sulfuric acid. It overcomes the disadvantage of calcium nitrate tetrahydrate which is subject to deliquescence, so the anhydrous product is convenient in storage and transportation.

It is the raw material to prepare other nitrates. It can be used to overlay coating on cathode in electronic instrument industry. As for in agriculture, it can be employed as readily available fertilizers special for acid soil, as quick-effect calcium replenishing agent for plant and as high quality cultivation fertilizer. Therefore, it is entitled as "Best Calcium for Plant "

In 25/50 kg net bags

Precautions in Storage and Transportation:
Store in hidden, cool and dry place. Avoid damping, heat and sun insulation. Cannot transport when mixed with reducing agents or organic chemicals.

Guaranteed Technical Specifications:
11.74% min
23.5% min
Water insolubles:
0.01% max

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