• Product: Calcium Chloride
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  • Grade: Tech
  • Content: 74-95%
  • Properties: Flake/Powder
  • MOQ: 1FCL
  • Packing: 25kg/bag
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>>Calcium Chloride
Molecular formula: CaCl2
Molecular weight: 110.99

Colorless cubic crystal. Generally speaking, it is white crystal, white multihole , grain, or honeycombing; It's smell-less and a little bitter. Its relative density is 2.15(25 ℃ ), melting point is 782 ℃ , boiling point is beyond 1600 ℃ . With strong hygroscopicity, it is easy to deliquate in the air, but easy to dissolve in water while eliminating plentiful heat. Its water solution is acid deficient. It can dissolve in alcohol, acetone, and acetic acid. Reacting with ammonia or ethanol, it will generate CaCl2 · 8NH3 and CaCl2 · 4C2H5OH complex compound. It crystallizes and separates out six-water substance. Gradually heating up to 30 ℃ , it will dissolve in its crystal water, continue heating up until desiccation; it turns into two-water substance while the temperature is 200 ℃ ; while 260 ℃ , it becomes white multihole anhydrous calcium chloride.

in 25/50 kg/bag

Road, high speedway, parking lot, snow-thawing and deicing of dock; multiuse dryer----used to dry nitrogen gas, oxygen, hydrogen gas, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur dioxide etc other gases; used as dehydrating agent to produce alcohol, ester, aether, and acrylic resin etc; the water solution of calcium chloride is an important cooling agent for refrigerator or ice-making, it can speedup the rigidification of concrete and strengthen the cold resistant ability of construction mortar, is a perfect construction antifreeze; used as port antifog agent, road dust catcher, and fire retardant; used as preservative agent and refining agent of aluminum magnesium metallurgy; used as precipitator of producing lake toner; used in wastepaper processing and deinking; used as the material of producing calcium salt.; the water solution of calcium chloride can be used as flocculating agent in seaweed atrium dispensation industry, and bean products industry.

Guaranteed Technical Specifications:

Analytical item
Technique Index 3
Calcium chloride (CaCL2)%≥
Content of magnesium and alkali chloride %≤
Water insoluble substance   %≤
Alkalinity (by Ca(OH)2)%≤
sulfate(by CaSO4)%≤
PH Value

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